Gino is in Umbria – known as the green heart of Italy. It’s fertile plains provides vegetables, grains, truffles and meat. Home to St Francis of Assisi, it is a region blessed with many pretty towns, and Gino is starting in Spoleto. Not far from here is a small working farm which produces Umbrian lentils. The same family have been working this land for over a quarter of a century. Moving through the region Gino ends up in Norcia, which is the food capital of the region. The name of of Norcia is synonymous with meat and the skilful cutting of it. But Gino also discovers a place to indulge his sweet tooth as he treats himself with a taste of the sweet stuff. He ends up in the stunning man made Marmore waterfalls, where he whips up a feast inspired by his food Odyssey.

AIRED ON 6 August 2020

EXPIRES ON 5 September 2020

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